Zalza Vs. The World Vol. 2

by Zalza

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“I’m proud to present ‘Zalza vs. The World’, where I had the chance to duel some of the greatest chip musicians out there!” - Zalza

The 'Zalza vs. The World'-project sprung from the thought of gathering some of the greatest chiptune musicians together in a special and exciting collaboration. Zalza challenged each artist in a chiptune-making duel, they started with a fragment of a song, sent it back and forth until they'd finished it and created a complete composition. This method created unique tracks with duel composers and unites musicians from all over the world.

The contributing artists are Xylo & Cerror aka Xyce (Netherlands), Alk (Ireland), Dalezy (Germany), Beek (USA), josSs (Spain), CoLD SToRAGE (USA), Wiklund (Sweden), Malmen (Sweden), Floppi (Finland), Svenzzon & Gidorah (Sweden), Michu (Poland), Joule (Sweden) and Scattle (USA).

CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright), is a very talented game music composer responsible for soundtracks such as that of Lemmings, Wipeout and Colony Wars. Xylo & Cerror are a chiptune duo called Xyce and have just released their anticipated new bitpop album 'Mosaik'. Wiklund is known for his groundbreaking Gameboy sets and his music released under the notorious C64 demoscene group Fairlight.

All tracks was first released on a chiptune disk by TiTAN at the Revision Demoparty in Saarbrücken in Germany, in April 2012; The 'Zalza vs The World' compilation's now being released in three EP volumes to be available on Spotify, Itunes and Amazon. Vol. 1 is available from the 28th of september 2012, Vol. 2 October 26 and Vol. 3 from November 22.

This chipdisk release is Zalza's brainchild and the result of very hard work and innovation from the contributing musicians, coders and designers. It has resulted in a total of 13 tracks presented in a rock-solid chipdisk which has a look and sound that immediately brings your mind to a place of nostalgia.


released October 20, 2012



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Zalza Sweden

Alexander Bulér Forrest aka Zalza is a Swedish chiptune composer and electronic music producer. Has been active in the computer music scene since -97. His compositions are acknowledged in productions by Razor 1911, Data Airlines and Titan. He has released several full-length albums, EP's, remixes and has given YouTube such classics as the 2204355 Chicken Man meme. ... more

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