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Out Of Memory

by Zalza

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Ray Gun Hero
Ray Gun Hero thumbnail
Ray Gun Hero This entire album is Synthwave porn!!! Absolutely amazing. Each and every track captures that 80's feel.
Liam Hagan
Liam Hagan thumbnail
Liam Hagan Takes me back to the time when home computers and the internet were so new and unexplored. The whole thing reminds me of an 80s film score. The opening track sets the tone beautifully. Great, great album :) Favorite track: CPU.
foxtacles thumbnail
foxtacles This entire album is amazing and I can't stress enough how much joy Zalza and his compositions overall brought to me/my life. Thank you. Favorite track: Press CLR For Clear.
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    Full-length album, 14 tracks (1 hour and 3 minutes playtime)
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The album 'Out of Memory' by Zalza depicts an exciting time between the late 70's until the early 90's when the personal computer rapidly turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Youngsters assembled computers from parts in their garage and met at computer clubs showing off what cool things they could do with software and hardware. It was a time when anything seemed possible.

Today the personal computer is an essential part of our everyday lives.

Each track on the full-length 14 track album is composed to bring out the sound of computers - The chipset, terminals, modem dial-ups, disk drives and sounds from gaming consoles is intent on bringing you there.

Here Zalza brings out his true feelings in subtle and soaring melodies, heavy beats and ingredients of computer noise.

Inspiration comes from vintage computer documentaries, 80's synthesizer and TV themes, 80's sci-fi blockbusters and current TV-series like Halt And Catch Fire, Mr. Robot and Stranger Things.

"I wanted to make an album with a sound inspired by computers and to capture the feeling of excitement in my childhood when I first got into computers. Genre-wise for this album I've taken a step from pure 'chiptune' to a SynthWave style enabling a broader sound image - But I've maintained the core I've had in my previous chiptune albums. The whole project has been a blast." - Zalza

In a sense Out of Memory is a lot like an old disk drive, filled with memories from Zalza's childhood that almost had been forgotten. Now he is ready to bring those nostalgic memories back to life, so buckle up and enjoy the journey!


released December 24, 2016

Music / Concept / Artwork by Zalza
Mastering by

Catalog # ZL 01



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Zalza Sweden

Alexander Bulér Forrest aka Zalza is a Swedish chiptune composer and electronic music producer. Has been active in the computer music scene since -97. His compositions are acknowledged in productions by Razor 1911, Data Airlines and Titan. He has released several full-length albums, EP's, remixes and has given YouTube such classics as the 2204355 Chicken Man meme. ... more

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